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1. :3, The Woodlands School, ON
2. REEEEEEE, Albert Campbell CI, ON
3. Finance Wizards, Iroquois Ridge HS, ON
4. Support, Glenforest SS, ON
5. Third Wheel - 1, The Woodlands School, ON
6. AP Alliance, St. Theresa of Lisieux CHS, ON
7. Raviole, Richmond Hill HS, ON
8. Team Kou Zung, Pickering HS, ON
9. Fox of Wallstreet, Harold M. Brathwaite SS, ON
10. Beters, Innisdale SS, ON
11. noncents, Marc Garneau CI, ON
12. Full Movespeed Nunu, Albert Campbell CI, ON
13. sad, Richmond Hill HS, ON
14. Amy Luo, Unionville HS, ON
15. 500 Scoville Units, Richmond Hill HS, ON
16. Take a chance finance, Iroquois Ridge HS, ON
17. Lettuce Celebrate, The Woodlands School, ON